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How big are your Aussiedoodles?

We have a toys (10-15 lbs.), minis (around 20lbs.), med./moyen (35-45 lbs.). Let us know your preference and we can help you pick out the perfect litter and puppy! 


How big are your Goldendoodles?

They are minis ranging around 25-35lbs.


Do your Doodles shed?

Most are low to non-shedding. Our F1b puppies are the best chance at a hypoallergenic Dood!

What's F1, F1b?

This code denotes the generation of your puppy. F1 is the first generation cross of a Poodle and either a Golden Retriever or Australian Shepherd. These puppies may take after one parent or the other, or ideally, may be a perfect balance of the two. F1b is produced when an F1 Doodle is bred back with a Poodle. The extra poodle means potentially curlier coats that are more likely to  be non-shedding. These progressive generations more consistently and predictably produce the perfect, balanced puppies.


Do Doodles need special care?

The only thing that requires special attention is their beautiful coat. It should be brushed regularly and groomed and clipped professionally a few times per year to keep it in great condition. Otherwise, they are a wonderfully healthy, and easy-to-care-for breed.


What's your favorite thing about your Doodles?

Oh my, there are so many! Of course, the low to no shedding is a wonderful mess saver. But their loving, funny, and intelligent personalities are certainly their claim to fame! Plus, how versatile a breed they are, fitting in with virtually anyone, anywhere!


I live in a small apartment, is an Aussie/Goldendoodle a good option?

Yes! While they are active, high-energy dogs, they are totally adaptable to such a living space so long as you provide them with plenty of daily exercise. Also, keep in mind that a toy/mini sized Aussie/Goldendoodle will be both more manageable and more comfortable.


I'm an active, outdoors type person, is an Aussie/Goldendoodle right for me? Absolutely! A med/full-size will be great for such a lifestyle! They are very healthy, robust, and energetic dogs that love the outdoors and are as happy playing in the lake or climbing a mountain as they are lounging around inside with the family!


Can you ship me my puppy?

We can help you arrange delivery. Please contact us for more info. 


How much are your puppies?

Our Goldendoodles are $1500 and our Aussiedoodles are $1500-$2500

What is your contract?

Here is a copy for you to please review!

Congratulations on your new puppy and welcome to the Kissable Doodle pack! We are so excited that Kissable Doodles could have the privilege of bringing the puppy love into your life! This letter archives some important information and shares a couple of tips on helping your new puppy settle in to its new home. 

  • You should see your veterinarian and talk to them about routine deworming, vaccination, and grooming needs.

  • We recommend you provide your puppy with free-choice access to water and feed him at least four times per day with a high-quality puppy food. It may be moistened with warm water to facilitate feeding.

  • While your puppy is young, it is advisable that you withdraw food and water a few hours before bedtime to help prevent accidents during the night.

  • Although bringing a new puppy home is extremely fun and exciting for us, it is actually scary and stressful for your puppy who now has to adjust to a new family, routine, and environment. 

  • Keep him in a warm, quiet, and comfy place, but where he's not alone, and provide him with lots of soothing TLC! 

  • We recommend you utilize a crate indoors. Puppies must be taken outside often to relieve themselves. As they get older you can increase the amount of time between potty-breaks. We recommend adopting the habit of immediately taking your puppy outside or to the litter box first thing when you let him out of his crate, before letting him roam the house. This will prevent many potty accidents and help him learn where to go. If the puppy starts to go potty in an inappropriate area, gently show him your displeasure and quickly take him outside or to the litter box so he can finish there, then praise him enthusiastically.

  • Please understand that your puppy is not fully immune to contagious diseases until they’ve completed all their core vaccine boosters. Therefore, it’s not currently safe for them to visit high dog traffic areas in public such as dog parks, groomers, pet stores, etc. 

  • At the vet office, when your puppy is not on a sanitized exam table, they should be in a carrier or in your arms. DO NOT let them wander and sniff the floors and definitely do not let them outside on the grass there.

  • While avoiding high risk public areas is most important, please do not hide your puppy away until they’re immune at 16 wks old! These first 4 months of your puppy's life are also critical to proper socialization. It’s important to take them out and thoroughly familiarize them with as many new people, dogs, and experiences as possible. Making sure these friends and areas are fully healthy and safe.  


And remember that we are always here to offer you unlimited support with your puppy! Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or just to share some love! 

Also remember to please share your pics with us and tag us @kissabledoodles (on FB) and @kissabledoodles_sharethelove (on IG)


Today’s/Transfer of puppy date:

Sales Agreement

The total purchase price of this puppy is ________ (of which $300 is a non-refundable deposit.) Once the full balance has been paid for this puppy and this contract has been signed by both parties, Kissable Doodles agrees to transfer all rights and responsibilities associated with the ownership of this puppy to Buyer.


General Health and 3-Day Returns

Puppy is transferred to Buyer in excellent condition at date of purchase and is free from any known defects, diseases, or disorders and is UTD on all routine vaccinations and deworming. Puppy is covered by a 3-day General Health Guarantee wherein Buyer should have Puppy examined by their licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of purchase to verify it to be in good health. In the event of a case of ill health, written proof of the condition from Buyer's licensed veterinarian must be provided to Seller in writing within the 3-day period. Puppy should be returned to Seller who will proceed to verify the claim with their licensed veterinarian. If verified, Puppy will be relinquished by Buyer into the full possession of Seller and will be replaced with any puppy of equal value, upon availability, or Buyer is to be refunded full purchase price, excluding non-refundable deposit. All expenses are to be incurred by Buyer. Seller assumes no responsibility beyond written.                                                                                                                                        

1-Year Genetic Health Guarantee

Puppy is covered by a Genetic Health Guarantee for one (1) year from date of birth. Wherein In the event of the occurrence of any life threatening hereditary, congenital, or genetic disease, disorder, or condition, written proof, from Buyer's licensed veterinarian, must be provided to Seller within one (1) year of date of birth. Puppy should then be returned to Seller who will proceed to verify the claim of a  life threatening genetic disease with their licensed veterinarian. If verified, Puppy will be relinquished by Buyer into the full possession of Seller and will be replaced with any puppy of equal value, upon availability, or Buyer is to be refunded full purchase price, excluding non-refundable deposit. All expenses are incurred by Buyer. Seller assumes no responsibility beyond written.         


Stipulations and Limitations

After the post adoption vet check-up and the 3-day period has passed, this health guarantee does not cover non-genetic diseases or general health issues outside of our control. Such as, but not limited to, viral illnesses, internal or external parasites, bacterial infections, food or skin allergies, diabetes, hernias, dental issues, heart murmurs, non-congenital heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, protozoal diseases, such as giardia or coccidiosis, urinary tract infections or cancer. It does not cover illnesses due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, stress related issues, behavioral issues, physical injuries or illnesses which may have occurred, developed or been contracted after possession of Puppy was transferred to Buyer. 


1 Year Health Guarantee herein specified will be null and void if Puppy is not maintained on Nuvet supplements during that year. 

Nuvet Plus is a supplement that helps build and strengthen the immune system in dogs and puppies especially important during vaccinations. Nuvet Plus helps fill the nutritional void that exists in most dog foods today. Most dog foods are cooked which kills many of the key nutrients that puppies need during the most important stages of physical, mental and immune system development. Nuvet Plus is cold processed allowing important nutrients to remain intact. This is not just a vitamin. It’s an immune system builder with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and high-potency antioxidants.

Order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 75064 You must order with the code so that we can verify they are being used.


Size, Weight, Coat, and Shedding Predictions

We can not make any guarantees regarding what the physical characteristics of the puppy will be when mature, such as size, weight, coat, or shedding, as we are of course dealing with natural genetics and every puppy is a unique individual. Nevertheless we are very accurate with our predictions and confident we will match you with the perfect fit! 



Seller neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in this agreement including without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between Seller and Buyer with respect to this sale. Buyer’s signature below indicates they have read, understand, and agree to all the conditions of this Sales Agreement and Contract of Sale. Any disputes, mediation, or legal proceedings would be held in Geneva County, Alabama. Buyer and Seller agree to uphold all covenants of this agreement.


Most Importantly

This puppy is guaranteed to bring oodles of love and happiness into your life!!!


Buyer's name and signature: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Seller's name and signature:    ___________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for the pleasure of serving you!

“Share the Love!”


If you have specific questions you don't see above, please don't hesitate to contact us below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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