How big are your Aussiedoodles?

We breed toy (10-15 lbs.), med. (30-40 lbs.), and full-size (45-60 lbs.) Let us know your preference and we can help pick out the perfect puppy! 


How big are your Goldendoodles?

They are full-sized and will be about 50-60 lbs.


Do your Doodles shed?

F1b and F2 puppies are guaranteed to be non-shedding! F1 puppies may still shed a little if they take after their shedding parent's coat type (see below).


What's F1, F1b, F2?

This code denotes the generation of your puppy. F1 is the first generation cross of a Poodle and either a Golden Retriever or Australian Shepherd. These puppies may take after one parent or the other, or ideally, may be a perfect balance of the two. F1b is produced when an F1 is bred back to a Poodle. And F2 is produced when you breed F1s together. These progressive generations more consistently and predictably produce the perfect, balanced puppies with the most desirable qualities.


Do Doodles need special care?

The only thing that requires special attention is their beautiful, non-shed coat. It should be brushed regularly and groomed and clipped professionally a couple times per year to keep it in great condition. Otherwise, they are a wonderfully healthy, and easy-to-care-for breed.


What's your favorite thing about your Doodles?

Oh my, there are so many! Of course, the non-shedding is wonderful. But their fun, funny, and intelligent personalities are even more so. Plus, they are so cute and beautiful all in one. And how versatile a breed they are, fitting in with virtually anyone, anywhere.


I live in a small apartment, is an Aussie/Goldendoodle a good option?

Yes! While they are active, high-energy dogs, they are totally adaptable to such a living space so long as you provide them with plenty of daily exercises. Also, keep in mind that a toy/med.-sized Aussie/Goldendoodle will be both more manageable and more comfortable.


I'm an active, outdoors type person, is an Aussie/Goldendoodle right for me? Absolutely! A med/full-size will be great for such a lifestyle! They are very healthy, robust, and energetic dogs that love the outdoors and are as happy playing in the lake or climbing a mountain as they are lounging around inside with the family!


Can you ship me my puppy?

Since shipping is a little stressful for the puppy, we prefer, if at all possible, that you drive to pick up your puppy. We will happily arrange to meet you at a convenient location. If however, that is not an option, we are able to ship your puppy once they reach 8 weeks of age.


How much are your puppies?

Our puppies range from $1250-$2500 depending on their generation, size and color.


If you have specific questions you don't see above, please don't hesitate to contact us below.

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